Team Shackelton (my team)


My team is comprised of one Brit, two Indians, two Dutch, one Monacon and four Americans. We’ve all met for the first time on this adventure-of-a-lifetime but we feel like we’ve known each other for years.

Our group is named after Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, the Irish explorer who is the subject of many books and films about his life.  His stories of perseverance and survival are very inspiring.

Oliver “Ollie” Wheeldon, Expedition Assistant, spoke about how to tell our story after we return home. He used Shackleton as an example of “one of the most inspiring stories told anywhere” and he explained why his story stood above others in this audio clip:

Ollie also makes reference to Shackleton’s photographer, Frank Hurley, as the greatest ever.  A number of those photos can be found here.

Here is an (unedited) video of my team members talking about why they signed on for this expedition along with info about their current projects.

  Schackleton 1  Schackleton Southern Party   Shackleton-tourA


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