Day 8 – Day of Rest

The campsite just after midnight

On the eighth day, we rested.  After a cold night with wind chills of -15, we woke to a light dusting of snow. The zodiacs swept us back to the ship where we were given the option to sleep or rest.  I did both.

Zodiac rides in the Florida Keys are fun.  Zodiac rides in the Antarctic can be miserable.  The freezing water stings your face and not even Gore-Tex can keep out all the water.  The thought of being wet and cold again led to a skipped tour of Wilhelmina Bay and a missed opportunity to see more humpback whales.  No problem, whales were everywhere.


Relaxing in the warmth of my cabin, I contemplated how Scouting might engage more with the mission of 2041 while learning more about sustainability.  Developing an awareness patch would involve Scouts and Scouters.  Increasing the number of youth earning Hornaday Awards would be huge.  Joining Swan on his cross-country bike trip would raise awareness.  Adding e-bases to Scout camps would increase learning.  Sponsoring sustainability exhibits at major events like the World and National Jamborees would reach tens of thousands.  Continuing the program of Scouts joining Swan on 2041 expeditions to Antarctica would inspire others as it has me.  So much to do; so little time!


Schedule for Day 8:
March 20

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