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I had never heard of “Scouting Works” prior to my call with John Stewart. I can tell you these guys work hard for Scouting every day. They made my preparations for this trip easy and enjoyable.  Thanks to Marianne Elden, Loretta Sheets and John Stewart for their support!  

Scouting Works

Unlike Robert Swan, we won’t be going to the geographic South Pole where the temperatures average -57 degrees Celsius in March.  But we do need to stay warm and dry.  Check out the gear list provided by the 2041 team. I reviewed all my snowboarding and winter clothes and found that so […]

Be Prepared

Feeling nervous to be in the spotlight again, nervous to enter a time of unpredictability after 3 years of living in an environment where I knew what to expect several months in advance, nervous knowing I’m going to meet influential people.  I don’t want to disappoint them. This is the […]

Chosen, but now what?

After an informative and educational internship at WeGO (World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments), I’m headed to the US for 9 days of warm sun, beaches and relaxation.  Dreaming of the sights, sounds and smells of California.

Time to rest

It was eight anxious days waiting for the Skype interview. John Stewart, Director of Corporate Engagement and Sustainability for the Boy Scouts of America. I thought about what questions he might ask and how I would answer. I thought about what I could say to impress him. Mr. Stewart was […]

The interview and the bicycle

Scouting has provided so many awesome opportunities in the 16 years since I’ve been a member.  Adventures in Boy Scouts, Venturing and Sea Scouts, service projects with the Order of the Arrow at three national high adventure camps and travelling the world by working at International Scout Centres. I didn’t think anything could be better than meeting President Obama in […]

Am I worthy?

The e-mail read: “I am reaching out to you today as a recipient of the William T. Hornaday Silver Medal. We have a special opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of these awards by selecting one representative from the Boy Scouts of America to go to Antarctica as part of an educational expedition and […]

How did this happen?