Penguin Poop is Pink 2

Penguin 2

Penguins are cute.  Super cute.  They walk up to you and are very friendly like a cat! Just like humans, penguins eat, digest and then poop.

Penguin poop is called guano, just like the poop of other birds. We were warned their guano smells bad, but it’s not that bad,  Just don’t get it on your clothes!

The penguin guano is also pink.  One of the major staples of penguin diet in the Antarctic is krill a sea crustaceans that looks like a shrimp. Krill is pink which is why the penguin guano is also pink. Green penguin guano is a sign that a penguin is molting. Penguins stay out of the ocean when molting and therefore not eating krill.

When penguins defecate it is a fast, quick, wet stream of gooey guano. Their long narrow streaks of guano can actually be seen from space and even revealed a colony of 9,000 penguins in 2009.

If you haven’t had enough penguin poo talk, click here to watch a graphic video of this natural phenomenon. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Penguins have been referred to as “the canary in the coal mine” in the southern oceans. Learn more about the plight of penguins from this short video:

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2 thoughts on “Penguin Poop is Pink

  • Louis L Testoni

    Did you also learn that quano that is white instead of pink means the Penguin has been feeding on fish instead of Krill? Check my facts…and let me know how it all comes out!! get it? HA_HA.

    • robmarks Post author

      YES! I did see white poop too that I learned was from the fish instead of krill. It all come flying out so quick.
      Thank You for all the pictures and info in advance. Everything was so amazing. Much more than I imagined.