Trash> Thread> Fabric= GOOD!

Ian Rosenberger

USA Today sponsors one “Make A Difference” day every year.  Ian Rosenberger is making a difference every day. He and his team at THREAD are taking trash from Haiti, plastic bottles, turning them into thread which ultimately becomes fabric for use in the manufacture of apparel. They call it “Ground to Good.” I call it awesome!

Ian exemplifies the lessons of sustainability we are learning on this expedition. His work as a social entrepreneur is a model for all of us to follow. His “triple bottom line” of People, Profit and Planet mirrors the sustainability model of Society, Economy and Environment.

BTW, in his spare time Ian is saving lives and helping the people of Haiti through his non-profit organization Team Tassy. Be inspired by their recent Run Across Haiti by watching these videos. Join the team next year for the 2nd Annual Run Across Haiti.

Pictured below are samples of the material as it moves through the process to make the world’s most responsible fabric and yarn.  Click here to see the infographic describing how it works.

Flake to Thread

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