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17 thoughts on “Rob Marks finds his Twin in Antarctica?

  • J Bruce McDowell

    Happy Birthday Robert, … arriving Antarctica by crossing the Drake Passage on the Sea Spirit and placing your own two feet on polar lands today – March 19, 2015 – will be long remembered as an auspicious celebration of your 26th birthday! Dr. Seuss’s prophetic words, “Oh, the places you’ll go!” may not have been so fully appreciated when you often heard these guiding words as a young boy. I understand from your father and mother that this book was your favorite bedtime story. Now these words will continue to guide you further as you re-orient your life’s compass and help find new ways for a more sustainable future.

    I have been following the ship’s tracker regularly since you left Ushuaia … today even more, as you first arrived at the shores of Antarctica, I am enjoying the satelite’s close up views of the icebergs, shimmering blue Antarctic channels, the stark contrasts of the snow-encrusted peninsular islands and the spectacular mountain peaks rising up to touch the sky. Experiencing these sights first hand with your fellow expedition members must be truly exciting and beyond imagination!

    Best wishes as you travel to more Dr. Seuss “places” and discover “your personal enlightenment.”

  • Choi Minsung

    Hey what a pleasant email I’ve got.
    I’m worried that your passion would melt down the ice down there.
    Happy birthday and stay cool.

  • Mike Wexler

    What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, starting the new year in such a different and wondrous place.

    BTW, you may think he’s your twin, but I wouldn’t recommend following him into the water.

  • Lidija Pozaic

    Happy Birthday Robert. I wish you all the best and let this experiance just be a starting point in a journey of your life. Be happy. Do your best and share this moment and scout spirt with everyone you know. After all this is what scouting is all about! Lidija