Day 12 – Homeward Bound

Hip Hip Hooray

Last day at sea.  We arrived in the Beagle Channel and weighed anchor for the evening.  The day included packing, settling accounts and sharing stories.  It was hard to pay attention to the final presentations but one story, Barefoot College, was truly inspiring.  This grass roots organization in Tilonia, India is experiencing tremendous success by educating people and helping them become self-sufficient.  They are teaching rural women and men, many of them illiterate, to become solar engineers, artisans, dentists and doctors in their own villages.

The closing banquet included an awards ceremony, video and slide show. Watching the pictures fly by on the screen, we came to the somber realization our adventure was coming to a close.  In that moment we became aware of the amazing transformation that occurred and how our visit to Antarctica had changed us forever.


In my cabin that evening, I reflect on everything we experienced.  Dreaming about the changes I will make after graduation from college, I felt hopeful about future possibilities and more inspired than ever before.  This was the greatest experience of my life.


Schedule for Day 12:
March 24

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