Thank You Paul Siple


My trip to Antarctica doesn’t come close to the old BSA Antarctic Scientific Program and could never be compared to 19-year-old Eagle Scout, Paul Allman Siple, who won a contest to accompany Admiral Byrd to the South Pole.  FYI – Siple is responsible for the term “wind chill.”

The 2041 International Antarctic Expedition is, however, important and meaningful.  It will be a life changing experience for me and the international group of men and women in the last great wilderness on earth.  As a team, we will work together to create change in our families, companies, communities and countries. We will provide information, knowledge and insight from around the world to forge new relationships.

I hope to honor Dr. Siple’s legacy by learning all I can on this expedition and returning to help make our world more sustainable.

I encourage you to learn more about Paul Siple and his extrardinary accomplishments.   Check out this video clip.