Donut shaped Deception Island was my second favorite landing of our expedition. Here we could explore and roam through vast areas.  I enjoyed interacting with the environment as I imagined what it would have been like on the island during the volcano eruption in 1967 and 1969 or during the […]

Day 10 – Somber & Reflective

“Wakey, Wakey, Wakey – eggs and bakey” came the announcement over the intercom from Expedition Leader Jumper.  It was soon followed by a “Bronco 5” call to be on the top deck in five minutes.  Through the bitter cold and gloom of the morning, we were greeted by a huge […]

Day 9 – Tabular (HUGE!) Iceberg

Many friends have asked me to flush the toilet while in the Southern Hemisphere and report back on the direction of the flush. They believe it will flush the opposite direction as the Northern Hemisphere. Really? This is a myth perpetuated by Bart Simpson that sounds like it could be […]

Down the Toilet…

On the eighth day, we rested.  After a cold night with wind chills of -15, we woke to a light dusting of snow. The zodiacs swept us back to the ship where we were given the option to sleep or rest.  I did both. Zodiac rides in the Florida Keys […]

Day 8 – Day of Rest

Penguins are cute.  Super cute.  They walk up to you and are very friendly like a cat! Just like humans, penguins eat, digest and then poop. Penguin poop is called guano, just like the poop of other birds. We were warned their guano smells bad, but it’s not that bad,  Just […]

Penguin Poop is Pink

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it was time for camping on the ice.  But not before taking pictures with Robert Swan and the flags we brought.  And, yes, it was also my birthday. Neko Harbor, our landing spot, was cold and windy.  Robert Swan’s passion for […]

Day 7 – Sleeping on Ice

“Layers, layers, layers” was the chant from the 2041 staff members.  Years of Scout training (and a few mistakes) prepared me for dressing warm and comfortably in the chilly Antarctic.  I was ready for our first zodiac adventure and to finally step foot on Antarctica.  Question of the day: “what […]

Day 6 – Zodiak to Pleneau

Sea Spirit, was operated by Quark Expeditions (bought by Poseidon Adventures after our trip), is considered a “luxury expedition vessel.” The ice-strengthened small all-suite ship (originally Renaissance V) was built in 1991 in Italy. From that time she has changed several operators and regions of navigation, cruising in Singapore, Alaska, […]

Our Ship – Sea Spirit

Welcome to Antarctica!  After the calm crossing through the Drake Passage the temperature became noticeably colder as we entered into Antarctic waters.  Icebergs, seals and whales were starting to appear.  Excitement was building as Antarctica was within sight.   “Expedition Mode” training for the day included how to travel in […]

Day 5 – Land Ho!

My team is comprised of one Brit, two Indians, two Dutch, one Monacon and four Americans. We’ve all met for the first time on this adventure-of-a-lifetime but we feel like we’ve known each other for years. Our group is named after Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, the Irish explorer who is the subject […]

Team Shackelton (my team)

Well it turned out to be Drake Lake.  The seas were generally calm the entire way through Drake Passage. Not much going on during this time.  Most of us stayed in our cabins, chatted a bit and acclimated to the rolling sea.  Dramamine helped.  There were several (optional) sessions on […]

Day 4 – Drake Passage